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As an extension of the Shatin new town, Ma On Shan has been under urban development for more than 30 years, turning from a major industrial town into a suburban residential area, now accessible by railways and filled with skyscrapers. This time, our neighbour tour guides will bring you historical locations and tell you stories about the district in detail.

Date: Coming Soon
Time: Pending
Location: Area in Ma On Shan, Wu Kai Sha
Attractions: Ma On Shan Park, Ma On Shan Promenade, Wu Kai Sha Village etc.
Target: Public who are interested in the Ma On Shan community or in urban development
Fees: HKD$160/person ( Original price: HKD$220/person )
Deadline for application: Pending

- Participants will receive an exclusive postcard to this guided tour.
- If the number of participants is less than 4, the event will be canceled. The notice will be given 5 days before the event and a refund will be issued within two months.
- If you are interested, you can reserve a seat for free, and you will be notified in first priority when the event is officially launched in the future.
- Dates selected for free reservations do not represent official event dates.
- When the event is launched, the charges at the time of the event shall prevail.

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