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Once upon a time in Kwai Chung, there was almost nothing but mountains and the sea, or perhaps a handful of villages. As a strategic location of Hong Kong’s economic development, what kind of a history has this district gone through? 

In this tour, we will walk you through the central locations in Kwai Chung, exploring the historical ruins and stories. We will also introduce you to major conservation or revitalization projects that are transforming the once heavily polluted industrial area. 

Date: Coming Soon
Time: Pending
Location: Area in Kwai Chung
Attractions: Kwai Chung Tin Hau Temple, Ha Kwai Chung Village, Central Kwai Chung Park etc.
Target: Public who are interested in the Kwai Chung community or in city development
Fees: HKD$160/person ( Original price: HKD$220/person )
Deadline for application: Pending

- Participants will receive an exclusive postcard to this guided tour.
- If the number of participants is less than 4, the event will be canceled. The notice will be given 5 days before the event and a refund will be issued within two months.
- If you are interested, you can reserve a seat for free, and you will be notified in first priority when the event is officially launched in the future.
- Dates selected for free reservations do not represent official event dates.
- When the event is launched, the charges at the time of the event shall prevail.

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