Neighbours Honouring Ceremony

As an annual event of Kaifong Tour, it is named as “Neighbours Honouring Ceremony” to express our gratitude and respect to our neighbours in the community, which includes our community guides, service organisations, community service partners, shadowing guides, social coach and team members, etc. Each of us as part of the community has contributed in our own way.

Through presenting community stories and projects that the team have made over the past year, this is meant to be a project to acknowledge every individual and organisation that has supported Kaifong Tour. It was also a cross-district gathering, an occasion that allows people from different districts to meet and expand their community networks. Participants from all backgrounds came together to share experiences and interact with each other, broadening their networks to “neighbours” outside of their districts.

1.1 Photo storytelling on the wall

1.2 Photo storytelling on the wall

The event has been taking place every year since 2018. Although being cancelled last year during the pandemic, this is being held again this year with district exhibitions and sharing sessions. Around two hundred participants came to our event that was held in three different periods.

In the exhibition, you will find a photo storytelling wall full of memories brought by neighbours from different districts. There were also several booths about projects in our five major service areas, including “Childhood Memories in Sham Shui Po Housing Estates”, “Ideal Community Building in Tung Chung”, “Secret of Shatin’s Shing Mun River”, “Multicultural Experience in Kowloon” and “Pantones in Kowloon City”, etc. These projects were presented in the form of case studies with detailed documentation of preparation, processes and results. Items, photographs and artworks were displayed. There were even games and guided tours being held within the exhibition.

Participants interacted not only through games but in four different themed sharing sessions, where individuals from the districts were invited to describe their project experience and feedback, providing details and depth to the stories that inspired enriching discussions.

Participant writing down feedback

Participant reading feedback from tour attendees

Participant reading tour materials

Like-minded enthusiastic individuals got to meet each other in this ceremony exhibition. From product display, sharing sessions, to private exchanges, many participants developed a diverse understanding of different districts, and also met new friends who are also potential partners in future cross-district networking. Everyone felt fascinated by the power of storytelling and guided tours, and moved by seeing how small efforts from individuals have cultivated into a strong force for good.

Booth set up by interns 01

Booth set up by interns 02