Community Education Programs

Community Education Programs

We believe that the community is everyone’s classroom

Experience and Understand

Community docents will lead us into the community

Walk into the community, experience the community, interact with the community, explore the community, understand the characteristics of our community

Explore independently and increase a sense of belonging

Through exploration and dialogue, we can get closer to the community, reflect on the different needs of society, and build a sense of belonging

Design community service and be a community leader

Suitable for those who have a basic understanding of the community and are interested in social services

Participants to form teams and become part of a community project or network

Learn basic project planning and management under the guidance of community docents. Turn ideas into community projects, and help people in need

Our Features

Emphasis on experiential learning

The community docent team uses the experiential learning method to guide students to learn and reflect from the experience

Autonomous and Interactive Participation

Community docents use their own experiences to guide participants into the community, inspire them to actively interact with the community, discover stories, and open up the connection between individuals and the community.

Valuing personal and community connections

The team will fine-tune the project according to the characteristics and needs of the participants so that they can get a personal and unique community experience.

Community and Life Stories

Personal and community resources are linked together and shared by neighbors, allowing participants to understand the community from a local perspective.

In addition to the campus, students pass through the community surroundings such as streets, public spaces, facilities, and small shops every day. They are rich learning resources that help students grow.

Future education needs to cultivate people with a sense of social awareness. Therefore, this community education program encourages academia to connect with the community. Educational programs will be personalized to meet the needs of students so that learning can be extended to the community. It should not be limited to schools only as students can build relationships with the community and strengthen their civic identity.

The educational vision of the Community Education Program is to systematically drive students to participate in community affairs through the curriculum. We encourage educators and students to join the team and build a learning resource platform for continuous exchange in the community, making it a friendly learning environment.

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Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

Enquiries for organisations: 3611 5196

Public enquiries: 3611 5197

Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

Enquiries for organisations: 3611 5196

Public enquiries: 3611 5197

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