Kaifong Tour

We are Kaifong Tour

Kaifong Tour is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting meaningful connections and engagement in Hong Kong’s local communities. Found in 2016, we design and organise tours, which take place at the heart of communities as “the scene of action”. Through community building, education, sustainable tourism and other community projects, Kaifong Tour aims to create a people-oriented and sustainable environment for our communities to develop.

Founding Story

Simply out of their love for the city, Co-founder Mr. Luke Tam and his friends have come together to have one initial goal: to introduce the beautiful and diversified Hong Kong and tell the stories of kaifongs (the residents in the local communities) to as many people as they can, with the hope to spark inspirations, touch hearts, and bring social benefits.

Through the lens of social innovation, they discovered that community tourism could be the perfect medium for linking up and connecting kaifongs and local communities. A community tour not only provides the excitement of travelling experience and in-depth exploration of the characteristics and culture of each district but also brings up social awareness and helps the participants to find their identities and a sense of belonging in their own communities. The impact of our trial tours was surprising, which indicates that there is a large number of people who care for our society deeply, but cannot find the right platform to get together to communicate, express and brainstorm ideas for bettering the city.

In 2016, “Kaifong Tour” was officially established. Luke and his teammates started out the first tour in Cheung Sha Wan, the district that Luke grew up in, and later designed a few more non-traditional tour routes to expand their social impact. To empower and increase the engagement of kaifongs, especially the underrepresented groups, training programs for community tour guides and helpers were developed a year after. Throughout all these years, the services of Kaifong Tour have extended into various types of customized community educational and social experiential programs. Our service users include Civil Service Bureau, Education Bureau Curriculum Development Institute, Microsoft Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Design Centre, and more. Facing today’s challenges, Kaifong Tour has developed an online option with the help of technology. We will continue to work with our community partners, including Christian Concern for the Homeless Association “Light Walker” and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association “10stories100pieces”, to maximize the use of our social resources and network in order to strengthen the community experience we provide for all kaifongs.

Our vision

  • To create a people-oriented and sustainable environment for community development.

Our missions

  • To enhance local inhabitants’ awareness about and sense of belonging to the community 
  • To discover and invest in development of community capital 
  • To build and consolidate a community network led by district inhabitants
  • To discover meaningful potentials of every district and its inhabitants

Our Approach to Social Benefits

Kaifong Tour was founded by a group of like-minded partners, with a passionate commitment to the wellbeing of local communities. We are determined to bring positive transformations in local neighbourhoods through a creative and compassionate mindset. Through applying the Design Thinking process, our approach begins with, first and foremost, understanding the fundamental needs of the neighbourhood, which inspired tailored guided tours and training programs, in endeavours to pass on cultural inheritance and co-create well-connected community networks.


Participants in Kai Fong Tour’s community events.


Community partner organisations

Including enterprises, NGOs, Education institutions (and professionals), local residents’ organisations, hospitals, district councils and government departments.


Community routes and networks

Exploring great streets and small alleys in Hong Kong, delving deep into the urban landscape and social topics. 

All 18 districts in Hong Kong

With our footprints reaching Sham Shui Po, Sha Tin, Outlying Islands, Yau Tsim Mong, Kowloon City, Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong, Tuen Mun, Kwai Tsing, Eastern District and Wong Tai Sin, etc. 

1 story for every person

A rewarding experience to hear about real-life stories from local neighbours. A heart-warming exploration journey in unique, local perspectives that never ceases.

A wide variety of service targets

Our service aims to benefit children, young people, women communities, the elderly, as well as new immigrants of ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities, etc. from across different districts.

Past Collaboration Partners

香港設計中心 Hong Kong Design Centre
旅遊事務署 Tourism Commission
社企民間高峰會 Social Enterprise Summit
華懋集團 Chinachem Group
華懋集團 Chinachem Group

Meet the Team

Our team comprises passionate individuals from different districts, including but not limited professionals from the education, social welfare and business fields, with a wide range of backgrounds — youth, retirees, working class and persons with disabilities. Certain members of ours are trained Certified Interpretive Guides, as qualified by the US National Association for Interpretation. 

“Onsite observations in districts have allowed me to obtain further information, which helps me to understand the deep-seated needs and potential issues hidden in our community.”

— Community Guided Tour Participant

“In the training, people get to know each other and develop sincere understanding. Not only have I understood my community better, I also made new friends. The training involved improving communication skills, with which I felt thrilled to apply in sharing interesting and less-known stories to participants. I believe that every community in Hong Kong has its own beautiful and unique characteristics.”

— Community Tour Guide Training Participant

“Everyone has their own life story to tell which also becomes the key to make connections among people. All of us have at least one or even more of these wonderful stories that illustrate the wonderful possibilities in our lives.”

— Community Story Sharing Session Participant